Solving the world's most complex research problems.

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What is Perlin?

Perlin is building an open, blind distributed supercomputer dedicated to solving the world's most complex research problems.

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Proof of Compute Availability

Bitcoin and other proof-of-work blockchains waste power. A lot of power. Perlin meshes the best of both staking mechanisms and computational effort to simultaneously lower costs for compute power, and to produce a truly decentralized, immutable ledger.


Untapped Power

Your PC and smart phone sits idle most of the day and night. Perlin allows you to have your smart devices effortlessly assist researchers and companies in solving the world’s most complex research problems in exchange for PERLs. Imagine a supercomputer comprising of millions of idle smart devices in the world working together.


Social Inclusion

Perlin will be deploying globally with a focus on developing nations such that anyone, especially those in need, may convert their idle smart devices into a supplementary form of household income.


Open Computing

Startups and enterprises are getting their technical infrastructures tied in to just a few select companies; leaving the pricing and supply of the world's computing power in the hands of just a few key players. Perlin drastically lowers the costs behind compute power to promote egalitarian research and innovation.

Perlin frames a trustless market around an untapped computing power supply consisting of highly underutilized computing resources to make supercomputing economically viable and accessible to enterprises, startups, students, and academics working on groundbreaking research and industrial applications.

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