High-throughput privacy-preserving compute network.

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What is Perlin?

Perlin Network is building a scalable privacy-preserving general compute network, incentivized with a mineable coin: PERL.

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High-throughput parallel compute

Perlin coordinates and provides on-demand access to aggregated batches of compute machines around the world to collectively execute the most computationally expensive tasks, and host the most computationally-exhaustive technical infrastructures.


Privacy-preserving computations

Perlin delivers a developer-friendly privacy-preserving application framework built with homomorphic cryptosystems, zk-SNARKs, and interactive verifiable computation protocols to leave advocates and institutes that work with highly sensitive data and processes with peace of mind.


Resource-lock proofs

Perlin facilitates the trustless exchange of computational resources across its market by introducing novel cryptographic resource-lock proofs representative of a miner's CPU time and RAM invested into a client.


Scalable economy

Perlin's unique interplay of economic incentives between miners, validators, and clients and price stability mechanisms allows for a truly decentralized, trustless, egalitarian computing market which scales in the presence of mass adoption.

Perlin Network frames a trustless market around an untapped computing power supply consisting of highly underutilized computing resources to make supercomputing economically viable and accessible globally.

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